South East Asia

Top 10 Most Visited Cities in South East Asia

Most Visited Cities in South East Asia

Consider Visiting These Cities On Your Next Holiday

Southeast Asian nations gets the highest number of tourists travelling to Asia. Tourism in South East Asia offers a great deal of views and exotic delicacies for the tourist.

There are vast number of beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and tropical rainforests. One can also see the architectural beauty such as temples and palaces.

South East Asia is a group of countries between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, which features a mix culture influenced by the Indians. Chinese and the Western Culture.

South East Asia

Below listed are the best 10 Tourist attractions in this region.

1. Myanmar

Myanmar ( is a land of ancient and breathtaking beauty and charm. It takes you on a ride to tell you about the fascinating history and traditions. Local attractions in Myanmar are as follows:

  • Temples at Bagan
  • Yangon
  • Mekong

2. Cambodia

The kingdom of Cambodia ( is a beautiful country located in South East Asia. Tourism is a huge sector in the economic growth of the country.

Some of the famous tourist attractions in Cambodia are as follows.

  • Angkor wat
  • Sihanoukville’s Beaches
  • Royal Palace, Phnom Penh

3. Vietnam

Vietnam ( is a country of breathtaking natural beauty. Some of the famous tourist destinations in Vietnam are as follows:

  • Ha Long Bay
  • Marble Mountains
  • Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

4. Malaysia

Malaysia ( is very beautiful plus the food is very delicious. People in Malaysia are super friendly. Some of the best attractive places in Malaysia are as follows:

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Malacca city

5. Singapore

Singapore ( is a beautiful yet expensive country.  It has a beautiful and colorful nightlife.

Some of the important tourist destinations in Singapore are as follows:

  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Pulau Ubin

6. Philippines

Philippines ( has natural beauty. It has a vast number of gardens are beaches. Some of the famous destinations for tourists are asfollows:

  • Palawan
  • Boracay

7. Indonesia

Indonesia ( is tourist friendly as things in Indonesia are pretty cheap. It’s beautiful with lot of beaches and temples. Some of the famous places are as follows:

  • Jakarta
  • Yogyakarta

8. Thailand

Thailand ( is the place for party and nightlife.  It has many adventure sports and is cheaper than other southeast countries.

Some tourist destinations in Thailand are as follows:

  • Bangkok
  • Chiang Mai

Top 10 Most Visited Cities in South East Asia

9. Laos

Laos ( is a mountainous and landlocked beautiful country in South East Asia. It has been isolated by the world.

Some of the famous destinations are as follows:

  • Luang Prabang
  • Mekong

10. Timor Leste

It is one of the best countries in South East Asia for scuba diving. It has crystal clear water and beautiful beaches. Some of the famousdestinations are as follows:

  • Dili
  • Atauro Island

Vacation to South East Asia with family of friends. One should see to it that he or she takes out time to visit these 10 beautiful countries to make it a memorable trip of all time.

There are a lot of activities for adventure travelers.  There are lots of architectural man made palaces to explore for non-adventurous tourist.

South East Asia has different kind of climate. The experiences will be awesome. The different cultures and different climate are great to enjoy.

To travel in South East Asia, you will always have great memories to share about the places you visit.

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