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Welcome to Bali I Love You. A simple blog about all things travel, food and even business. If you are interested in having your content published on our website feel free to get in touch.

I have been living in Bali for couple months and I am in a French school. I must say that life is beautiful; the natures are also very beautiful, the rice field, the beaches, the mountains and the people are really nice and friendly.
Culture is very interesting also. We can see many offerings in front of shops and houses, the Balinese are strong in religion. Bali is very interesting to visit, when you want options of lodging in Bali you can visit the website www.baliiloveyou.com, it is an agency for rent a villa in Bali. My school is organizing three days of training in a company, so I chose Balijetaime, a villa rental agency. I’d like to thank all our readers for thei amazing support throughout the years. It really makes maintaining this webstie worth while.